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August 7-13, 2016

USDA Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack has officially designated August 7th-13th National Farmers Market Week! 


The National Farmers Market Week is celebrated across the country from August 7 through August 13, 2016. It’s a time to celebrate the farmers, ranchers, and local food producers as well as the communities that make them happen. With over 8,500 farmers markets across the nation, it is easy to find a market near you. The National Farmers Market Directory makes it convenient to find farmers markets in your area with weekday, weekend, and evening options to celebrate National Farmers Market Week:

In celebration, during the month of August, the Lincoln University (LU) Farmers’ Market  is going to have different activities such as tasting days, cooking demonstrations, educational booths and much more. Come and help us celebrate our farmers!

Saturday is a Market day at Lincoln University!

The Best Farmers’ Market in Town!

The LU Farmers’ market features a wide variety of delicious, fresh, locally-grown produce. Everything is homemade with high-quality ingredients. Visit our welcome table: taste a refreshing Hibiscus tea, paint a rock, and get information about the market and Jefferson City Passport! Every Saturday from 9:00 to noon (parking lot, Lorenzo Greene Hall, 900 Leslie Boulevard).  

 This Saturday you can find lots of delicious watermelons, cantaloupes, blackberries, sweet corn, heirloom tomatoes, Chanterelle mushrooms, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, potatoes, onions, blackberry syrup, eggs, baked goods, honey, jelly, USDA inspected and pasture raised meat, grains, a wide variety of vegetables, beak goods, and meat!

 The LU Native Plants program’s booth will feature beautiful floral arrangements, native plants for sale, and educational materials. Check it out! 


 Don’t forget,  if you want to participate in our monthly market raffle, sign up on our e-mailing list at the welcome booth. You can win a basket with bountiful fresh local food.

Our next drawing will be on August 27th

We are part of PASSPORT Jefferson City! You can visit and discover new places around town. Get your PASSPORT and get it stamped after doing a short scavenger hunt or tour. The LU Farmers’ Market is one of the 11 places you can visit.  

How does PASSPORT work? Pick it up at the LU Welcome Booth, click on the link (, or print off a PASSPORT from any of the 11 participating sites (Missouri River Regional Library, Missouri Veterinary Medical Foundation Museum, Missouri Farm Bureau Log Home, MSHP Safety & Education Center, LUCE Native Plants Program, Museum of Military History, Missouri State Archives, Missouri State Museum, Missouri State Penitentiary Museum, Runge Conservation Nature Center). Do a short scavenger hunt or tour a PASSPORT site, get your PASSPORT stamped, and pick up a small gift. Visit all 11 PASSPORT sites to become eligible to win a gift basket with local items.

Please help us by sharing  this message with a friend and spread the word about the LU-Farmers Market. We appreciate your support!


The market will be CLOSED on Saturday July 2nd, 2016

4th july

The market will be closed on Saturday July 2nd.

We will back on July 9th.

Wishing you and your family a happy and safe 4th of July!

Passport Jefferson City



What is Passport Jefferson City all about?

Jefferson City offers a wide diversity of sites to visit in the most beautiful small town in America as named by Rand McNally. Passport JCMO is a local effort to get our residents to stay and explore our town. Lincoln University Farmers’ Market is one of the 11 local places that you are invited to explore in the Capital City. Passport provides a unique opportunity for you to visit all these places and also provides incentives for Passport Jefferson City completed prior to Sept. 5.

To get your passport click here

Come out and visit the LU farmers’ Market!  It provides many educational opportunities for kids and adults of all ages.  Over 20 vendors get together every Saturday to offer fresh and locally-grown produce. There is always a wide variety of fresh vegetables, meat, fruits, herbs, beef, chicken, pork, and other products for you to discover. Try samples of new foods or see cooking demonstrations!

Farmers and vendors love to talk with people. By doing so, you can ask questions about how the food was grown and raised.

The LU Farmers’ Market helps connect communities here and around the Country.

At the end of your visit, get your Passport stamped and receive a gift from the market! As an additional incentive sign up for a $30.00 gift certificate sponsored by the LU Farmers’ Market.

Those with completed passports will be eligible for a prize basket of local products. Passports must be submitted to the Jefferson City Convention and Visitors Bureau by Sept. 9. Address: 700 E. Capitol Ave. Jefferson City, MO 65101


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9:00 TO NOON!



Memorial Day weekend: stop by the LU Farmers’ Market



This Saturday  (May 28th), join us for a Market day, rain or shine!

JC Downtown 300 block East High St. 

  • Cooking demonstrations
  • Gift basket raffle winner announcement
  • Educational booths
  • Healthy and seasonal recipes at the vendors’ booths!
  • Don’t forget to pick up your Passport at the welcome booth! The adventure begins on May 30 until September 5
  • And much more…

May 28 is our last market at JC Downtown. On June 4th we will be back to Lincoln University campus (900 Leslie blvd., Jefferson City, MO) from 9:00 to noon.


Local produce and fun activities today at the LU Farmers’ Market in JC Downtown!


Order online and pick up on April 23rd. Last market delivery day!


Kick-off celebration on May 7th from 9:00 to Noon (first day of the market)

 Before that, you can order from our last Winter Market. Do you want to order? Choose from the shopping list below and send your order to: Orders must be received by 7:00 p.m. on April 20th.

Pick up your items on Saturday, April 23rd, from 9:00 to 10:00 am in Suite B, Room 123, Lorenzo Greene Hall, 900 Leslie Boulevard (Indoor Market).

 When ordering, please include the item, quantity, and the vendor’s name plus your telephone number in case that we need to reach you for last-minute changes.

We are accepting vendor applications for 2016-2017. Available here

Don’t forget to stop by our tasting table at the entrance of the room 123. There is coffee, tea and something to taste from the market! Walk-in customers are welcome from 9:00 to 10:00 am.

 Market Shopping List for delivery on April 23rd 2016

Steve & Colleen Meredith- Ozark Yankee 

Grass fed and finished beef

No antibiotics or hormones

  • T-bone Steaks @ $15.99/lb., packages average ¾ pound
  • Porterhouse Steaks @ $15.99/lb. , packages average 1 pound

Goat Milk Candy

  • Goat Milk Caramels, 50 cents each. Minimum $5.00 order (10 caramels – individually wrapped)
  • Goat Milk Fudge – Minimum 1/2 lb. order (can be a mix of flavors)
  • Chocolate $12.00 per lb.
  • Chocolate with Walnuts $15.00 per lb.
  • Peanut Butter $12.00 per lb.

Mrs. Pam Schmutzler

  • Oatmeal Bread = $4.00
  • 1 lb. Native Pecans halves = $10.00
  • Eggs $3.00
  • Kale $2.50 for 1/2 lb.

Ed Rakow – Rakow Family Farm

Baked goods and vegetables

  • Eggs $2.50 * lots of med $3.00 lg. or $3.50 xlg. 
  • Breads: banana, zucchini or pumpkin  $2.50/loaf
  • Swiss chard or kale $3/pkg.
  • Herbs $1.00 / bag  parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme,*chives 
  • *Green onion & green garlic $2.00 a bunch
  • *new batch of Stewing old chickens  $7.50 each

Duncan Family Farm

“Taste the Excellence”

  • Eggs $3.00/doz. Duncan’s Family Farm is getting lots of eggs!
  • Pork Loin Roasts 3-4 lbs. $5 per pound eggs $3.00
  • Pork Shoulder Roasts 3-4 lbs. $5 per pound
  • Bone In Pork Chops $5 per pound (2 chops per package)
  • Pork Shoulder Steaks $5 per pound (2 steaks per package)
  • Pork Sausage 1 lb. packages $5 each
  • Bacon 1 lb. packages $7 each
  • Original Bratwurst 1 lb. packages $5 each
  • Andouille Rope Sausage 1 lb. packages $6 each
  • Italian Rope Sausage 1 lb. packages $6 each
  • 1/3 lb. Pork Burger Patties (4 patties per package) $5 each
  • Whole Chickens 3.5 – 4.5 lbs. average $12 each 

Hugh’s Kitchen

  • Tamales, pork, chicken, beans w/cheese & tomato sauce ($2.50 each)
  • Sweet potato pies ($2.50 each)
  • Apple pies ($4.50 each)
  • Pineapple upside-down cake muffins ($2.50 each large, $1.50 small)
  • Blueberry swirls ($1.00 each)
  • Coffee cake muffins ($1.50 each)
  • Carrot cake large muffins ($2.50)

Mrs. Mae Benson

Baked goods

  • Multi-Grain Bread (freshly milled hard red and white wheat berries and organic Kamut)

Extra large 2 lb. loaf  $8.50            Medium Loaf     $ 4.25

Extra large Cranberry 2 lb. loaf   $ 9.00

  • Ezekiel Fasting Bread (freshly milled spelt, red wheat berries, beans, barley, millet and lentils)

Large Loaf $ 5.00        Small Loaf $ 2.25

  • Conejoe’s Cookies (Freshly milled whole grain and crispy oat)      1 Dozen large    $ 6.00
  • Banana Nut Bread (Freshly milled whole grain)       large $ 5.00
  • Pasta (freshly milled organic Kamut)            $ 2.50/bag
  • Kale Krisps  2.5 oz. bag  $ 3.50

Native Plants Program (Lincoln University)

  • Persimmon cookies 1 dozen large $6.00
  • 7 Persimmon cookies $ 2.50 

Sherry Stratman

Healthy dog treats

  • Small bags will be $2.50 each
  • Large bags will be $7.00 each 

Anna’s Cashew Brittle

Cashew Brittle as:

  • 1 oz. — $ 1.50
  • 4 oz. — $ 4.50
  • 8 oz. — $ 7.50
  • 16 oz. -$14.50

The Homemade Cottage Product List

Baked Apple Roses: per rose, $2.00


  • Bread Sticks 10 for $5.00
  • Gluten-Free loaf $7.00; 12 rolls $7.00
  • Plain Bread loaf 5.00; 12 rolls $5.00
  • Sourdough $7.00
  • Sweet Sandwich Bread $6.00; 12 rolls  $6.00
  • Braided
  • Artisan Breads

Brownies: each 3×3 regular square, $2.00; each 3×3 gluten-free square, $3.00

  • Chocolate Chips
  • Chocolate, Nuts
  • Plain

Cakes: whole $5.00; medium $3.00; mini $1.00

Cake Pops: $1.50 each

Chocolate Barks:  price will depend on the size

  • Chocolate Peppermint

Chutneys: 8 oz. jars, $5.00

  • Pear

Cookies:  Dozen $3.00

  • Plain
  • Chocolate Chips
  • Cranberry/Walnut
  • Oatmeal
  • Thumbprint

Gifts in a Jar: 1 quart $7.00; 1 pint $4.00; ½ pint $2.00; 4oz $2.00

  • Cakes
  • Cookies
  • Drinks
  • Soups

Gumdrops/Jellied candies: $2.00, 10 pieces per bag

  • Cherry
  • Cranberry
  • Grape
  • Lemon
  • Orange
  • Raspberry
  • Strawberry

Pineapple Upside down Cakes: $5.00

Punch Bowl Cakes: $10.00

Pecan Candy Balls: .75 cents each

Rice Crispy Treats:

  • Plain
  • Nuts
  • Chocolate

Tootsie Rolls: 10 cents each

Jams, Jellies and Relishes: 4oz jars $3.00; 8oz jars $5.00; 1pt jars $8.00

Carrot Cake Jam Apple Butter
Apple Jelly Apple Sage Jelly
Apple Sauce Apricot, Dried, Jam
Banana Jam Blackberry Jam
Blueberry Jam Blueberry Ginger Jam
Cherry Jam Cherry Jelly
Cherry Relish, Sweet Cranberry Jam
Cranberry Walnut Jam Garlic Jelly
Granny Smiths Preserves Jelly from red and black grapes
Lemon & Agave Nectar Jelly Lemon & Honey Jelly
Apple Ginger Jam Orange Marmalade
Pear and Peach Jam Pear Butter
Pear Honey Pear Jam
Pear Sauce Pear Sauce with Peppercorns
Pecan Pie Jelly Cran-Grape Jelly
Pineapple Jam Pineapple Jelly
Plum Ginger Jam Plum Jam
Pomegranate Jelly Raspberry, Ginger, Cinnamon
Raspberry Jam Strawberry Jam
Spiced Apple Jam

Nuts, Candied:  ¼ lb bags $2.00; ½ lb bags $4.00; 1 lb bags $8.00

(Please specify exactly which one)

Candied Pecans
Glazed Pecans
Holiday Mixed Sweet Nuts
Maple Glazed Walnuts
Spiced Walnuts

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