A garden in winter

Our garden sleeps, but we try to stay busy.  This is the time for planning.  We are busy starting seeds, building raised bed boxes, preparing for our sprouts and roots program and searching out vendors for the market.  Here are a couple of photos of the garden.

The Community Garden in January

You may notice we’ve added a few new raised beds.  There is a new compost bin and trellises at the far end.   Hey, we seem to have a mole!  The greenhouse has been cleaned and there is a tepee for growing beans.

A cedar tepee for beans and climbers

Amy, Jeff along with Dana, our awesome volunteer, built the tepee.  They harvested the cedar from the Busby Farm.  Harvested cedars were also used in the new trellises.  It’s hard to believe, but soon there will once again be things growing and we’ll have a beautiful backdrop for the Market again.