Winter Vendor Shopping List for January 19

Here is the list of vendors and their products for our Farmers’ Market Winter Drop Off Day – Saturday, January 19, 2012.  Please have your orders sent to by Wednesday, January 16 at 5 p.m.

I’ll send the orders on to the vendors and they will have your items ready for pick up on Saturday between 2 and 3 p.m. at the Common Ground Community Building
See our Winter Vendor Drop Off page for full details.
Invermos Valley Farm
Pasture-raised turkey…… 3 available…..  10.2 lb, 15.6 lb, 17.0 lb    $3.75/lb
100% natural beef
T-bone steak – $15.99/lb
Ribeye steak – $15.99/lb
Sirloin steak  – $10.99/lb
Ground round – $6.50/lb
Ground chuck – $6.50/lb
Ground beef – $4.50/lb
Cubed steak – $5.99/lb
Roasts– chuck, arm, rump – $5.99/lb
Brisket – $5.99/lb
Stew meat – $3.99/lb
Liver – $3.99/lb
Soup bones – $2/bag
Duncan Family Farm
Chops $4.50/lb
Pork burgers $5/ pkg
Original brats $5
Breakfast sausage $4.50/pkg
Farm fresh eggs medium/large $3 per dozen
Hugh Flowers/Hugh’s Kitchen
Sweet potato pies – $8.00 large and small $1.50
Tamales, Chicken, Cheese and Pork – $1.50 each.  (will make different meat if requested)
Large Carrot Cake cupcakes – $2.50 each. (minimum order of 6 required)
Will also make full carrot cakes if ordered.
I am also available to cater a full Mexican Dinner.  No number too large.
Mae Benson
Honey Whole Wheat Bread in a 2 lb. loaf – freshly-milled whole grain — $ 8.50 incl. tax.
Jim Cunningham
Jim has said that to make it profitable to drop off in town he would need the orders to add up to around $50. He is more than happy to take these orders himself and coordinate with you when he will be able to come to our drop off point.  Please contact him at:
  • Round bars of oatmeal lavender soap ($0.625/oz)
  • Round bars of goat’s milk & lavender soap ($0.625/oz)
  • Rectangular bars of goat’s milk & honey soap ($0.625/oz)
The cost for a 4 ounce bar would be $2.50, plus sales tax.  (This is more than $2.00 cheaper than at Clover’s Market in Columbia.)
  •  Soy candles – $6.00/1/2 pint jelly jar size; cinnamon, lavender & chamomile, rosehip & peach blossoms, $9.00/full pint size jelly jar size in gardenia.  Sale tax not included.

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