Shopping List for Saturday, February 23

Here is the list of vendors and their products for our Farmers’ Market Winter Drop Off Day – Saturday, February 23, 2013.  Please have your orders sent to by Wednesday, February 20 at 5 p.m.

I’ll send the orders on to the vendors and they will have your items ready for pick up on Saturday between 2 and 3 p.m. at the Common Ground Community Building
See our Winter Vendor Drop Off page for full details.

Invermos Valley Farm

Pasture-raised turkey   –  17.0 lb    $3.75/lb
100% natural beef
T-bone steak – $15.99/lb
Ribeye steak – $15.99/lb
Sirloin steak  – $10.99/lb
Ground round – $6.50/lb
Ground chuck – $6.50/lb
Ground beef – $4.50/lb
Cubed steak – $5.99/lb
Roasts– chuck or arm – $5.99/lb
Brisket – $5.99/lb
Stew meat – $3.99/lb
Liver – $3.99/lb
Soup bones – $2/bag
Fully cooked ….”heat and eat” products:
All beef hot dogs   $6.99/lb   8 per 1 lb package………………………..available now
Smoked brisket   12 ounce package….$8.99/package………………..available March 2nd
Roast beef from the round   12 ounce package….$8.99/package……available March 2nd

Duncan Family Farm

Chops $4.50/lb
Pork burgers $5/ pkg
Original brats $5
New! Mushroom and Swiss brats $5
New! Bacon, Cheddar, and Potato brats $5
Breakfast sausage $4.50/pkg
Farm fresh eggs medium/large $3 per dozen

Hugh Flowers/Hugh’s Kitchen

Sweet potato pies – $8.00 large and small $1.50
Tamales, Chicken, Cheese and Pork – $1.50 each. – minimum order of 12 required (will make different meat if requested)
Large Carrot Cake cupcakes – $2.50 each. – minimum order of 6 required
Will also make full carrot cakes if ordered.
I am also available to cater a full Mexican Dinner.  No number too large.

Mae Benson

Honey Whole Wheat Bread in a 2 lb. loaf – freshly-milled whole grain — $ 8.50 incl. tax. Try some, it’s yummy! She grinds the grain herself!

Jim Cunningham

Jim has said that to make it profitable to drop off in town he would need the orders to add up to around $50. He is more than happy to take these orders himself and coordinate with you when he will be able to come to our drop off point.  Please contact him at:
  • Round bars of oatmeal lavender soap ($0.625/oz)
  • Round bars of goat’s milk & lavender soap ($0.625/oz)
  • Rectangular bars of goat’s milk & honey soap ($0.625/oz)
The cost for a 4 ounce bar would be $2.50, plus sales tax.  (This is more than $2.00 cheaper than at Clover’s Market in Columbia.)
  • Soy candles – $6.00/1/2 pint jelly jar size; cinnamon, lavender & chamomile, rosehip & peach blossoms, $9.00/full pint size jelly jar size in gardenia.  Sale tax not included.

New! Jim has basil plants ready for purchase. There are three varieties; Genovese, lettuce leaf, and sweet basil.  While the plants are only 1-2 inches tall they have several true leaves and should do well near a sunny window sill.  Within the next couple of weeks, they will be ready to trim some tasty fresh basil leaves!  Price for any variety are $1.50/each.

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