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What’s fresh – August 10

August 2013
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LU Farmers Market

There will be no market tonight – Thursday, August 8. Our vendors are busy with the MO State Fair, vacations and back to school activities. We will have market next Thursday!

Saturday’s market is 9 am to noon and here are what some of vendors will be bringing:

Invermos Valley Farms will have pastured beef and has new offerings of summer sausage, pepperoni, italian beef crumbles and thin-sliced sirloin in 16 oz. packages. Check out their deals on package buying. Want a 1/4, 1/2 or 1/8 of a beef? They have it.

Ed Rakow will have vegetables and greens, banana and zucchini breads, and eggs,

Richly Blessed Farm/The Country Gals will have seasonal produce, baked goods, eggs and free-range, organically-fed chicken

Cari Skain – check out her pottery! She is open to commissions

Hugh and Janett Flowers will have his famous sweet potato pie and apple pie, as well as other baked goodies

Pam Schmutzler has oatmeal and dill breads, cookies, garlic, seasonal vegetables and salad mixes, pecans and spiced pecans

Mae Benson plans on bringing gluten-free muffins, Ezekiel bread, banana nut bread, cookies, pasta – made with freshly milled grains. Try her pre-baked pizza crusts – YUM!

Duncan Family Farm will have their wonderful pork, chicken and eggs, and tomatoes

Paula Bollinger will have all-natural deodorant, sunscreen and freshly harvested garlic and basil, organic sun tea, free trade coffee (now you can hydrate and get your caffeine buzz!)

More vendors plan to join us this Saturday and throughout the season. Stay tuned for fresh things at the Market

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  1. Lisa Fox says:

    Well, drat! I went to the Farmer’s Market after work, desperate for Pam’s Brandywine tomatoes, yearning for sweet corn, and hankering for Duncan Farms bacon and pork roast. But no one was there. 😦 When I got home, I saw that GMail had channelled this e-mail into “Social” instead of my “Inbox.” Drat and double-drat! 😦

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