What’s fresh – October 5

Don’t forget. The Farmers’ Market continues on Saturday mornings through October 26th. We’ll be there this weekend with pasture-raised beef and pork, eggs, and baked goods. There is a great selection of seasonal produce. Look for squash, greens, lettuce, beets, beans, tomatoes, peppers, herbs and more. This is a great time of year for lots of fresh local foods.

We will have live music courtesy of Mike Gorman. This is his last date at the market for the season.

There may be fresh watermelon from Fischer Farms across the river, but I can’t promise it right now (it depends on how busy they are tomorrow getting ready to open their own pumpkin patch and corn maze).

There will also be pumpkin painting for the kids courtesy of our Sprouts and Roots Program. The pumpkins have been provided by LU’s Carver Farm. You can also pick up pumpkins from a few of our farmers.

Duncan Family Farm will have freshly picked pears. The pear trees have been on their farm for over 50 years. How’s that for local goodness?

We may shut down a little early tomorrow to allow room for all the LU football fans, so come early. Football fans, pick up a few locally produced goodies for the game.

Have a great weekend and fabulous Homecoming! Go Blue Tigers!

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