What’s fresh – August 14 and August 16

Wow. Is it already the middle of August? Where did summer go? You may be thinking back to school, but don’t forget about all the fresh, local goodness still available at the market this week.

Produce is still going strong. There will be plenty of tomatoes, squash, beans, and peppers. I’m pretty sure we’ll still have sweet corn. If you haven’t tried the locally grown and freshly milled flour from Plows to Shares yet, nows your chance. There will also be corn meal available. there should be plenty of baked goods and jams and jellies this week, as well.

I’m kind of looking forward to the habanero cheese that I’ve been told will appear this week. Come pick up some brats, steaks, or hamburger for grilling. I think Ozark Yankee and Invermos Valley Farms still have whole pastured chickens for sale. You may want to pre-order a pasture-raised turkey for Thanksgiving from Invermos Farms as well.

After this week, there are only two weeks left for our downtown Thursday night market. Our Saturday market on campus runs until the end of September.