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LU Winter Farmers’ Market Shopping List (Delivery: February 21st)

February 2015
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LU Farmers Market

Don’t miss to order! This is our last delivery day for February. Then two more delivery dates in March and we are looking forward to opening our regular market on April 18th. The list has been updated to include some Winter Specials and new arrivals.

Below is the shopping list for delivery on February 21st. Orders must be received by 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, February 18th. Send orders to Maria Isabel (
Pick up date: Saturday February 21st , 2015
Time: From 9:00 to 10:00 am
Address: Suite B of Lorenzo Greene Hall, 900 Leslie Boulevard (Lincoln University, South Campus).

Please note, this is not our normal market season location. When ordering, please include the item, quantity, and the vendor’s name. Also, it is important to include a PHONE NUMBER where you can be reached on Saturday morning. Thank you and have a nice day.


Plows to Shares is still selling whole wheat heirloom wheat berries and flour; $7.50 for 5lb of berries and $8 for 4lbs of flour.

Winter Specials and New Arrivals!
Ground turkey – $7/lb
Turkey wings and drumsticks – $4/lb
Flat iron steak – $9/lb
Flank steak – $8/lb
Skirt steak – $7/lb
Bone-in KC strip steak. $14/lb
Liver – $3/lb
Soup bones – Half price

Regular product list
T-bone steak – $15.99/lb
Rib-eye steak – $15.99/lb
Sirloin steak – $10.99/lb
Ground round – $6.99/lb
Ground chuck – $6.75/lb
Ground beef – $5.75/lb
Beef brats – $7.99/lb
Beef and bacon brats – $7.99/lb
Fajita strips – $8.50/lb
Beef bacon – $10.99/lb
Brisket – $7.50/lb
All roasts – $6.99/lb
Stew meat – $5.50/lb
Liver – $4.99/lb
Soup bones – $3/lb

Fully Cooked Products!!!
All-beef hotdogs – $8.99/lb
Smoked brisket – 12 oz – pkg $10 ea
Summer Sausage – $9 ea
Pepperoni slices – $9.99/lb
BBQ beef – $9.99/lb

Poultry Corner
Whole chicken – $4.50/lb
Whole turkey – $4.50/lb

Visit our website at for beef bundles, bulk orders, and gift boxes

Eggs $3/doz Limited Supply – order early Bacon $7/ lb
Brats – 4 flavors:
• Mushroom & Swiss $6
• Bacon-Cheddar-Potato $6
• Sweet Italian $5
• Original $5
Pork Burgers $5/pkg of 4
Shoulder Roasts (3-4 lb. each) $5/lb
Pork Steaks $5/lb
Pork chops $5/lb
Sausage $5/lb (1 lb pkg)
Pecans $9/ lb
Pork sticks $2/each

Sweet & Spicy Pecans 1 lb. $12.00, 1/2 lb. $6.00 and 1/4 lb. $3.00
Pecans 1 lb. halves $10.00
Pecans 1 lb. pieces $10.00


Grass-fed Beef
Ground Beef $6.50/lb
Size of steaks and specialty meats vary, we will try to get as close to your request as possible
– Ribeye Steak (thick cut) $13.50/lb
– KC Steaks $13.50/lb

Beef Liver $4.50/lb
Beef Heart $4.50/lb
Beef Tongue $4.50/lb
Free Range Chicken Eggs $3.00/doz (supplies are limited)
Goat Milk Unscented Soap (Small Bars) $3.00/ bar or 2 for $5.00

Goatmilk Fudge $10/lb – (1/2 lb. minimum order – can mix flavors)
– Chocolate
– chocolate with walnuts
– vanilla
– vanilla with walnuts
– peanut butter


Grain free sweet potato bread $4

Raw milk cheeses $6/block (approx. weight – 8 oz):
• Gouda
• Cheddar
• Habanero
• Italian herb
• Garlic and onion
• Farmers style

Sweet Potato Pies, large (8″) – 10.00 ea.
Apple pies (small – 5″) – $3.50 Large (8″) – 12.00 ea.
Carrot Cake (2 layer cake) – $30.00 large cupcake (6 minimum) – $3.00 ea.
Tamales (Pork, Chicken, or Cheese) – $2.50 each (6 minimum) YUM!
Hugh would like a $10 minimum order to cover his gas costs in to town.
Call Hugh Flowers with any questions (573- 896-5174)

Freshly milled baked goods:
Multi-Grain Bread (freshly milled wheat and kamut) large 2 lb. $ 8.50 medium loaf $ 4.25
Cranberry Multi-Grain Bread large 2 lb $ 9.00
Ezekiel Fasting Bread (whole grains, beans, barley, millet & lentils) Large $ 5.00 Small $ 2.00
Conejoe’s Cookies (crispy oat and whole grain) 1 doz. large $ 5.50
Banana Nut Bread Large $ 5.00


Biscuits for the small and large dogs are $7.00 each per bag.
Small dog bags come in a 35 count bag
Large dog bags come in a 25 count bag

Flavor offerings are: bacon & eggs, grilled cheese, pumpkin drops, cheese burger, honey mutts and new this year carrot cake.

Einstein Canines is now offering advanced orders for birthday cakes for your pooch. Birthday cakes are $18.00 which includes home delivery inside the city limits.

When ordering, please specify size – small or large, flavor and it is for a large or small dog, one flavor per bag.


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