What is fresh at the LU Farmers’ Market this Saturday?

Spring kick-off was last Saturday. We had an awesome turnout even though it was a little chilly. This Saturday it is supposed to be sunny!

Come and see us at the Lincoln University Farmers’ Market (LUFM) this Saturday, April 28th.

Our vendors and farmers will bring fresh and locally-grown produce for you.

Here are some of the bountiful market items you will find at the LUFM: In season: ready to eat (gluten-free mini-quiche: spinach mushroom or with beef sticks), frozen gluten-free quiche, basil, tomato seedlings, kale, grass-fed and finished beef (ground beef extra lean, ground beef lean), filet mignon, ribeye steak, sirloin steak, strip steak, flat iron steak, flank steak, short ribs, liver, soup bones, beef sticks, beef jerky (no MSG, nitrates, or nitrites), goat milk fudge (chocolate, peanut butter, coconut), goat milk soap (French green clay, lavender, coffee and caramelized sugar, turmeric), gentle soap with essential oils and no artificial ingredients, free range eggs, microgreens, oatmeal and dill bread, multi-grain bread (freshly milled hard red, white wheat berries and organic Kamut), cranberry multigrain, cinnamon rolls, Ezekiel fasting bread (freshly milled spelt, red wheat berries, beans, barley, millet and lentils), Conejoe’s Cookies (freshly milled whole grain and crispy oat), banana nut bread (freshly milled pastry wheat berries), pecans and selection of local crafts etc. 

We hope to see you at the market 

It is a great day to be a Blue Tiger!

Spring kickoff, April 21st.

Spring is here and that means a new market season begins! This Saturday is our spring kickoff from 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.  What are your plans for this Saturday? Start with a visit to the Lincoln University Farmers’ market.

Local farmers, local produce and ready to eat food!

See you at the market!!

Our Vendors

Linda Rosendale, LD Rosendale Creations (Jewelry & Art)

Taylor Cleveland, Avodan Farm 

Amita & Mark Reigle, Amitas’ Farm

Janette Brenneke, Brenneke’s Farm

Ron & Mary Rothove, Rothove Produce

Pam Schmutzler, Schmutzler Farm

Steve & Colleen Meredith, Ozark Yankee LLC

Mea Benson, Benson’s Nutrition

Stephanie Hamilton, Stitched by heart

Jim Clad, Clad’s microgreens

Hugh Flower, Hugh’s Kitchen

Tara Ashlock